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Bigger mountains & more climbs

Our greatest team yet! 

We are back for 2021

30 Sep 2019

Are you ready for 2021! 

Like many events in 2020 Cykelnerven had to be cancelled. This was a huge blow to both the cycling and MS community, so we are back for 2021, and bigger than ever before.

We are increasing our team to help those who missed out on a year of cycling.

We have plans to test, socially distance, and safe guard deposits. We have hope that the world will be different in June, but if not, we have a back event planned for September 2021. 

Cykelnerven is Europe’s most unique and challenging charity cycling event. Each year seasoned riders from around the world take on over 400km of the toughest climbs from the Tour de France just 1 week before the official race. It's the ride that every cyclist dreams of, but only the toughest can complete.

And, most importantly, every turn of the wheel moves us closer to a world without MS.

We are basing our routes on the toughest mountain stages of 2021's Tour de France

It will always be over 4 days

You will most likely cycle on average 100km per day, gain around 10,000 metres in evaluation, and have multiple mountains per day.

Our event experts have all the information for you, so get in touch today!

Contact the Team 


6th - 11th June 2023


The Tour de France


Up for the challenge? Go ahead and register, or if you need advice,
please contact Shona Swan  on shona.swan@msif.org

Registration fee: €1500
Sponsorship minimum: €2500
Extra: You will need to pay for your return flights, to and from the event, and the transport of your bike.