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Why We Ride

This June, David and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  For years we have thought about and lightly planned a variety of epic adventures- trekking across South America, climbing through jungles in Asia, crossing deserts in Africa.  But then came Covid.  And like so many others, we were reluctant to invest significant time and money in a big trip that may not fully be realized due to travel disruptions, closures, black outs, etc.  As we debated and discussed, Luke Thomas, a friend at the MS International Federation reached out.  Knowing we missed Europe, knowing we were cyclists, and having full confidence in our American bravado, he challenged us to the two remaining spots in an MSIF fundraising event- Cykelnerven.  A chance to ride the epic climbs of the Tour de France, legends in cycling, before the world tour and all their crowds arrive.  This alone was enough for us to immediately sign on!  But what will drive us through the training hours, rides through snow, rain and wind as we wait for summer to arrive in Colorado, is the mission: A world free of MS.   

David and I have been members of the MS community for nearly 20 years.  We are members personally, and MS has also defined much of my professional life.  David rode for Bike MS in the States for many years (as a high roller- a great fundraising achievement!), and I have worked with MS organizations all over the world- in Asia, the Mid-East, Latin America and Europe.  I know the work MSIF does, and have personally seen the impact.  Whether this be in India, where organizations fight for recognition, access to care and the necessary pathways for someone to live their best life with this disease, or in Europe, where advocacy for early diagnosis and treatment starts with excellent education, the MSIF is there to make sure country based organizations have all they need to support people living with MS and their families.  As well, MSIF is at the forefront of driving research in areas where unmet need is still so high, most notably in progressive forms of MS. 

I believe MS will have a cure in my lifetime.  I believe that people all over the world who live with MS have the right to education and good care.  And therefore I believe in the MSIF.  I cannot imagine a more worthy endeavor to celebrate our 25 years!

I'm fundraising for a world without MS


Thanks for coming to my page! On June 16th, I'm taking part in one of the world's toughest cycling challenges, the Cykelnerven.

Cykelnerven is famed as Europe’s most unique and challenging charity cycling event. I'll be riding 400km over the toughest mountain climbs of this year’s Tour de France.

I'm taking part in the Cykelnerven to raise money for research and support for people living with Multiple Sclerosis worldwide. Please join me in the fight against MS by contributing to my page.

Thank you for your support!

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Tom Snow

Way to go! : )


Sylwia Staszak

Great initiative - good luck and enjoy!


Zoé Fumat

Go Kersten and David! How remarkably inspiring :)


Kim Isenberg

Go, Kersten!!!


Jillian Janaczek, Bcw Ny President

What an incredible adventure for an important cause. Best of luck on a ride of a lifetime.


Scott Williams

Best wishes Kersten and Dave!


Liat Lavi

Good luck dearest Kersten and David! you guys are awesome!


Tim Coetzee

Go Kersten and David!


Ada Wong

Good luck Kersten and David! What an awesome initiative!


Luke Thomas

Fingers crossed you can get out onto the Mountains soon to get some miles in your legs!! Can't wait to see you in France!


Nora Rösch

would love to come


Julie Stone Hurley

Sounds like an amazing adventure for such an important cause.


Keith Desfosses

Have an amazing time on this incredible adventure. May the wind be at your back!


Kim Ramsey

Awesome adventure and a wonderful way to support! Go Kersten and Dave!


Peer Baneke

Wow, if ever there was a better wedding anniversary fundraiser :-) Go, go ,go & enjoy the training, joy and sweat for the cause!


Rachi Govil


Amy Teets


Adam Gluck

So many amazing things about this -- the milestone, the ride, the cause.... Happy to recognize and support all three! I wish I could do the ride with you!


Nazem Atassi

Go Kersten!


Kendra Greeney

Kick butt guys! What a great cause and opportunity for you!


Chan Lee

Tough challenge for a great cause! Enjoy the ride.


Laura Gutierrez


Vicky Dibiaso

Go Kersten and David!! Very inspirational!!


Nicole Farmer

Good luck and enjoy! You are such a powerful embodiment of patient focus.


Calie Sharman

Amazing goal & for such an important cause!


Suzanna & Willem

If anyone can do it it’s you!! Zet hem op, bikkels!


Kersten Sharrock


Eliza, Becca & Josh

Way to go Kersten and Dave! From your biggest (little) fan, Eliza! xoxo


Sylvia Macdonald

Good luck to both of you! Impressive what you are doing for the people with MS!




Melissa Dupont

Good luck Kersten & David!


Ben Guikema

Happy Anniversary Kersten and Dave! What an amazing adventure! Very fitting celebration. :)


Kristen Caso

Your BCW cheering squad is rooting for you and proud to support this important effort!