The Routes

2024 EVENT

The route for Cykelnerven 2024 will be released within a few weeks of the Tour de France 2024 route announcement. This usually comes out in late October, so we aim to reveal our route by the end of November. Don't wait though, whichever mountains they pick you'll get to ride them just before the pros!

What happened... 

The 2023 event was based on stages 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the Tour de France 2023. The riders took on eight mountains, including the likes of Col de la Ramaz and Cormet de Roselend, alongside legendary climbs like Col de la Loze. There were also 'bonus' mountains for the strongest riders.

Starting in Les Gets, the riders ended with a big celebration in Bough St. Maurice after completing over 333km and 9.2km of climbing (more for those who took on the extra climbs).

As a Cykelnerven-rider you will face the challenging climbs of the 2024 Tour de France. You will need the skills and fitness to ride these mountains and while riding around 100km per day.

*Please Note*: You need to book your own flights.

Arrivals (example):

Geneva, Switzerland. Bus transfers left on the evening of Tuesday 6th June (we recommended arriving Monday 5th to adjust to jet lag).

Departures (example):

Geneva, Switzerland. Bus transfers were on the morning of Sunday 11th June.

DAY 1 - 88 KM

2.336 Elevation

Col de la Ramaz

(13.9 km / 7.1%)

Col de Joux Plane

(11.6km / 8.5%)

DAY 2 - 77 KM

1.833 Elevation

Côte de Domancy til Combloux

(2.5 km / 9.4%)

Le Bettex

(7.2 km / 7.7%)

DAY 3 - 92 KM

2.491 Elevation

Col des Saisies

(13.3 km / 5.3%)

Cormet de Roselend

(19.9 km / 6%)

DAY 4 -  76 KM

2.576 Elevation

Côte de Longefoy to Notre Dame du Pré

(6.6 km / 7.6%)

Col de la Loze

(28.4 km / 6%)


The first stage of Cykelnerven 2023 started in Les Gets, France.

This day was based on the last half of the 14th stage of the Tour de France 2023 route.

Climbing Col de la Ramaz and Col de Joux Plane, 88km long and 2336 meters of elevation.

Ending the day back in Les Gets. 

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Les Gets is the Tour de France departure village on the 15th stage.

Their day started in Les Gets and ended in Saint Gervais - Mount Blanc Via Domancy and up Le Bettex.

The riders also had the option of an additional ride for those of you who could handle it. 

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The riders started the day with a ride from Saint-Gervais and ended at Borg St Maurice.

Crossing two tough Tour mountains in the middle Col des Saisies and Cormet de Roselend.

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DAY 4 - SATURDAY, June 10th

The fourth and final Cykelnerven stage gave just the right taste of the "Tour de France climbs"! From Bourg St Maurice they passed Cote de Longefoy to Notre Dame du Pre.

The grande finale was Col de la Loze with a total of 76 km and 2576 meters of elevation gain.

After celebrating with champagne, the riders headed back to Bourg St Maurice for the afterparty.

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